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Greg Huber

is a Deputy Director of the KITP, and a member of the Department of Physics at UCSB. He is working on a major manuscript "Fried or Spaghettified: Understanding Black Holes through soft-matter physics"

Samir Mathur

is a professor at Ohio State and one of the coordinators. He believes that the current confusion surrounding firewalls is quite misplaced, as a complete picture of the quantum theory of black holes is given by the fuzzball paradigm. The key results involved are (a) the small corrections inequality (b) the fuzzball construction (c) the notion of fuzzball complementarity.

Rob Myers

is Senior Faculty at the Perimeter Institute and one of the coordinators. As an ante-inferus thinker, he is definitely unhappy about firewalls and so he hopes we will all work hard to change Joe's perspective by the end of the mini-program.

Joe Polchinski

is Permanent Member at KITP and one of the coordinators. He is agnostic on whether there is a firewall, though all logical arguments still seem to point to it. But he is much more certain that gauge/gravity duality, even if we could solve the gauge side completely, cannot tell us what is behind the horizon. It seems that we need a more complete nonperturbative theory of the bulk.